11 Modern Hallway Storage Ideas

By Sam Iontton29/07/2022

Ensuring your hallway is a tidy and welcoming space is a vital part of any desirable home. Often involving small, slim, and awkward spaces, coming up with hallway storage ideas isn’t always easy. Less is often more when it comes to hallways, so first evaluating what you have at your disposal is an ideal place to start. Picking out parts that you like, bits could do with some work, and areas that need completely revamping allows you to start to build a hallway that you love and greets guests upon arrival.



1. Veer Towards a Versatile Unit

Having a hallway coat stand and rack can tick multiple boxes when it comes having a tidy entrance. Being able to have your jackets, clothing accessories, and shoes all in one place by your front door is a great way of keeping you, your family, and hallway organised. Some units even have a bench option, ideal for when you’re putting your shoes on. Eliminating the stress of looking for a particular coat or your missing shoe, a coat rack and stand is an excellent and stylish storage solution for your hallway.

2. Look Under the Stairs

Often forgotten about, the storage space under your stairs can be a space saving lifesaver. Maximising this space to store shoes, toys, or whatever you see fit is an incredibly smart way of keeping clutter neatly tucked away. You can have pull out cupboards or internal shelving to get the most out of your space. you can even purchase stackable boxes or step style shelving that will fit neatly under your stairs, giving you an efficient storage space. Having areas that are specifically shaped to fit your slanted stair design gives the whole space a more streamlined look, as if it was always there.

3. Console your Hallway

A staple of many corridors, console tables provide you with an elegant place to store items and decorate in your unique style. Console tables are almost always rectangular but come in a variety of sizes to suit your space, whatever size. An ideal home for your keys, purse, and other small objects to sit upon and not be forgotten before you leave. You can also get console tables with drawers and cupboards, allowing you to put away a whole host of items, either out of sight or on display. A real must have for any hallway, console tables are both gorgeous statement pieces, but also functional storages spaces.

4. Prevent Letters from Languishing

When receiving post every day, it can be easy for it to build up in your hallway, especially if it isn’t urgent or business leaflets. Having even a few letters on the top your console table or, even worse, your floor can leave your hallway looking messy and unorganised. Implementing a place where you can store your post is a smart way of preventing clutter from building. This can be done in several ways, such as an industrial style wire letter holder that can hang up next to your table or shelving to give you a smart and effective way of storing mail. If you have multiple people in your household that are expecting letters, creating separate compartments for each person is an incredibly neat way of arranging.

5. Hook It Up

Dog leads, coats, bags, and variety of other accessories can be a headache working out where to store them in your hallway. Taking up no floor space, hooks are a wonderfully innovative way of expanding the storage potential in your hallway. Hooks can come on their own or as part of a shelving, depending on your preference. The variety of style you can choose from is practically endless, allowing you to pick on that suits your hallway interior perfectly. You can opt for separate hooks to be placed at differing levels which is ideal if you have kids, or one unit that looks very neat and gives a thin layer of storage for things like framed photos.



6. Ladders Aren’t Just for Climbing

Although you might’ve just used a ladder to trim your hedge, we can assure you ladder shelving has a completely different purpose. A smart way of creating storage in a tight hallway, ladder shelves provide you with multiple levels of storage, whilst giving a rustic feel to your home. You can input hooks onto your shelves for a great way of storing keys and jackets. If you fancy some DIY, ladder shelving is something that can be made by yourself or upcycled, saving money in the process. Having a hallway unit that has excellent storage potential but takes up minimal room is a great way of maximising your space



7. Floating Shelves

This doesn’t require wizardry, just a little bit of ingenuity. Often used as more of an aesthetic option, floating shelves look fabulous but can also be a neat storage idea. Ideal for your framed photos, small plants, and everyday necessities, you can really let your personality go wild with these. Whether you prefer one shelf that you can store everything on, or separate smaller shelves that can be placed at differing levels to create a more contemporary space, floating shelves are a brilliant hallway storage idea.

8. A Storage Rack with Sole

Nowadays it is the norm for people to own multiple pairs of shoes, but without the right storage you can be left with a cluttered hallway. Having your footwear spread across your hallway with no order not only makes your space look remarkably untidy, but can impact the quality of your shoes, that can be expensive to replace. Installing a hallway shoe rack will give you an organised way of storing your sneakers. Finding one that fits your hallway and shoe needs isn’t too difficult simply because of the number of options available. You can get a rack to fit both you and your families footwear, as well as other belongings, ensuring you’re the master of hallway shoe storage.

9. Umbrella Stands

With unpredictable weather an ever present in the UK, carrying an umbrella with you for most of the year isn’t a bad idea. It’s great that you are saved from getting soaked but many overlook how you can store your umbrella once you head inside. An affordable must have for any hallway, umbrella stands protect your floor from any excess water that is left on your umbrella, also preventing a potential slip hazard. Get an umbrella stand that smartly catches the extra rainwater carried by your umbrella, with mesh and open designed stands allow your umbrella to dry quicker.

10. Boxes and Baskets

A perfect place to store your everyday essentials such as a purse or set of keys, a box or basket keeps your belongings together and secure. You can also store larger items in a box and place on the lower shelf or underneath your console table. It’s advisable not to do this too much unless you have a unit that fits the boxes neatly otherwise it could look cluttered. Take your time looking through box and basket options to ensure you get one that not only fits your space but works with the aesthetic of your hallway.

11. Opt for an Ottoman

Often seen in living rooms or bedrooms, an ottoman could be just the storage option your hallway needs. With a great deal of room inside, you can store an abundance of items inside, keeping items out of site until you next need them. Ideal for games, books, bags, and a host of other items, you can get a great deal inside of an ottoman. Not just a decorative and storage piece, ottomans are a great seating option, perfect for when putting your shoes on. Available in a range of sizes, pick up one that fits your space, fitting neatly under shelving or next to a console table.

To Conclude

Your hallway should be an area that greets you as you enter, making you feel welcome and setting the tone for the rest of your home. It is also a great place to store an abundance of items which many overlook. Taking these tips on board, you’ll be able to create a homely entryway that you and your guests adore. A handy place to store everyday items and apparel just before you leave the house, a hallway is somewhere that should not only look great but utilised to its maximum potential.