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Modern Open Wardrobes

An open-plan wardrobe allows you to exhibit your beloved garments in a way that suits you. With no doors, accessing your clothes is easy and fast. Our stylish open wardrobes are ideal for those with limited space, fitting elegantly in your hallway or bedroom. The versatility of these units makes them a must-have in your home. With storage for coats, shoes, clothing accessories and much more, pick the style that adheres to your preferences and gives your home a practical and elegant feel. For more clothes storage options, check out our clothes hanging rails which include industrial style clothes rails.

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Open Wardrobes

Open Wardrobes

Open wardrobes are minimalist storage solutions that lack traditional doors or enclosures, offering a visually open and accessible space for organising and displaying clothing and accessories. Open wardrobes are brilliant for their simplicity, versatility, and ability to add a touch of modernity to any room while providing easy access to clothing items.

We have crafted our open wardrobes from the best materials to give the wardrobes an industrial design. Some are available on wheels, others come with extra shelving, and you can place boxes and other accessories that may be unsuitable for hanging up.

You will never fall short of extra space with our open wardrobe storage systems that you will want to get the biggest one you can afford. We offer an additional range of house and home storage options, and you will not regret investing in these too.

Order an open wardrobe today to get fast delivery before stock runs out. We can assure you that your garments will never get creased or fusty with our open wardrobes, and you can find out more by emailing our team at help@theurbanmill.co.uk.

An open wardrobe offers a stylish and practical solution for organising and displaying your clothing collection. With its lack of doors or barriers, it provides easy access to your clothes, making it effortless to find and choose your outfits. Additionally, an open wardrobe can enhance the aesthetic of your room, allowing you to showcase your fashion sense and create a visually appealing focal point.

We offer a wide range of different open wardrobe designs that are suitable for certain storage needs and interior styles. We have Japandi, industrial, and bohemian styles that all provide different quantities of storage whilst looking excellent. You should consider how much you need to store away as well as the space you wish to put it in to get a good idea as to which modern open wardrobe is best for you.

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