Boho Bedroom Design Guide

By Sam Iontton07/09/2022

Boho is back! Yes, that’s right, it’s on trend and we’re loving it. Giving you a vintage and cosy feeling, from the textures to the colours, the bohemian look is here to stay and we’re here for it. The boho bedroom décor is one that works for any size room, enabling you to fashion a space that warms you when you come home and relaxes you when you rest. There’s plenty of inspiring imagery for boho style bedrooms out there, but to create one yourself it’s helpful to break down different areas at a time and figure out what works best for your preference and space. One of the best things about creating a boho bedroom is that there aren’t any strict rules, and you can let your creative side run wild, suiting it to your own style.

Work with your Wall

The colour that you have your walls is completely up to you and what you prefer. You firstly need to decide whether you want to paint or have wallpaper as both are completely acceptable options.

Decorate Yourself

If you opt to coat your walls yourself, there are plenty of ways that you can make it original and look incredible. You don’t just have to pick one colour and leave it at that. Incorporate multiple colours, texture and even stencil if it suits. Showcasing family photos is a good idea, with a beautifully patterned tapestry offering up a classic boho vibe. There is no specific emphasis ensuring that your tapestry match your wall, however, it’s advisable that you pick one that has a bit of weight to it, as the thin, mass-produced ones can come across looking like they belong in a dorm room.


If you prefer a wallpaper instead, there are an abundance of options to pick from. With the ability to create an illusion of texture such as brick walls, you can get really creative with it. There are a host of patterns from subtle to flamboyant that will help you create a cosy and interesting bedroom.


Implementing a large circular mirror on your bedroom wall is an excellent touch that will help make the room feel bigger and look fabulous. If you want something a bit more minimalist, go for a smaller mirror with a wooden or patterned border to give your wall some extra boho elegance.

Boho wall decor

A Bed for Bliss

The Bed

Arguably the most important and focal point of any bedroom, your bed plays a big part in how your room feels. Wood and rattan are often prominent in bohemian interiors, so picking up a bed made from these materials is a great way to start. If you’re looking for a cheap option then, in many cases, vintage or antique bed frames give off a boho feel. It is not uncommon to see beds in boho bedrooms low to the ground with some that sit directly on the floor.


The bed you pick isn’t the only thing you should focus on with the bedding playing a massive role in how your bedroom feels. You’ll want to form an unmade, natural aesthetic that gives you a warm and homely feeling when you look at it. When the weather isn’t too warm for it, choose a thick, inviting duvet that makes you want to snuggle under it until you fall asleep. Linen duvet covers are brilliant in terms of how they wrinkle easily and invite you into your bed. Ruched duvet covers and rivulets quilts give you instant texture that have an intriguing appearance and touch to them. Consider tasselled bedding also as the more trails and hanging bits you have, the more boho it will feel. When it comes to the colour, it’s down to you and what works for the rest of your bedroom. Both patterned and monochrome duvets work brilliantly with the focus on the texture and laid-back aesthetic.

Add Layers

Once you’ve got your bedding nailed, adding layers will help give you a cosy bed that you can’t wait to come home to. A pom pom or tasselled throw are both fantastic options that give your bed even more delightful texture. Having it sit effortlessly over your bed and hang over the edges will create a real natural look that adds character, style, and a comforting charm to your room.

A Rug Will Make it Snug

An essential component of the bohemian style, rugs play a big part in giving you that retro feel that warms you to the core. A soft place for your feet to rest or walk on, there is a vast range of styles to choose from, and with virtually no wrong answers, you can pick whatever design suits your room the best. Whether you want a natural look with earthy colours and textures, a vibrant appearance with bold colours and patterns, or give your home a different flavour with a Moroccan or Persian rug. The choice is completely yours, with the main aim to look great and give off a cosy vibe.

Bigger the Better

Bohemians don’t shy away from showing off their style on a large scale, and it’s potentially most prevalent when referring to the rugs. Don’t shy away from filling most of the available floor space with a rug, giving you a comforting way to manoeuvre around your room. Not only is it a pleasant texture to feel, but the patterns and designs will add real interest and excitement to your room, becoming something that you will sub-consciously enjoy looking at.

Moroccan Rugs

Featuring rich textures and distinctive designs, Moroccan rugs have an innately exotic appearance that screams boho. Particularly popular amongst fans of boho chic, Moroccan rugs can give your room a modern feel whilst others have intricated, asymmetric designs that suits a more maximalist space. Morocco is a gorgeous country that should be on all adventurers travel list but bringing a bit of Morocco to your home is an excellent idea that will help you achieve a warm and comforting bedroom.

More Layers

Just like with the bedding, adding layers is an excellent way of creating a relaxing and cosy feeling to your bedroom. Adding tasselled wool runners on either side of your bed is a brilliant way of continuing the feeling of solace. The main thing to keep in mind when adding layers to a rug, is that the designs play well together and gives you a comfy aesthetic.

bohemian style rug, Moroccan rugs

Show your Artistic Side


The primary thing to focus on when decorating your boho room with artwork is not to leave your walls bare. There is a plethora of prints out there that will help you fill your wall and give you a desirable boho aesthetic. Finding the ones that work for you and your room may take a little time and experimenting, but with nonchalant layers of pattern, texture, and colour that has an inherent lack of structure, you can let your creative side run free here. Bohemian wall art is a key component of creating a relaxing appearance in your bedroom, making you feel laidback and giving you something compelling to look at.


Give your room an instant bohemian feel, with a tassel or beaded chandelier. Providing natural elegance to your space, the lighting in your room plays a massive part in how it feels, so decorating in a bohemian way is a sure-fire way to make your bedroom a more relaxing place to rest. Other than your main lighting, opting for accent lights is a superb way of setting the mood for your room and illuminating specific areas. This makes certain areas of the room the focal points that will exude comfort.

Other Areas

It's not just prints you can use to fill your bedroom with boho art, with mirrors headboards, and vases all able to add their own vintage vibe to your space. Adding macrame wall hangings is on trend option and bohemian down to a tee, giving you a gorgeous, natural look. You can even hang bags, hats, and a heap of other accessories on your wall.

It's your Choice

Choosing unique items that give you an eclectic and inviting room is an essential part of the bohemian style. Search for items that you wouldn’t find in an everyday shop, with market stalls, vintage shops, and second-hand stores sure to have a range of intriguing items that will suit your space. These sorts of items can be very cheap, but you could go one step further and make it yourself if you’re feeling creative.

Boho lighting, mirrors and home décor

Get some Greenery

Plants and foliage are a vital part of any bohemian living space, giving you a natural vibe that is aesthetically pleasing and proven to help your wellbeing. No bohemian room is complete without the inclusion of some plants, with practically every example on the internet including them in excess. Plants provide a range of different textures, shapes, and colours to your space, with the ideology of the more the better, not being a bad way of thinking.

What Plants are Best?

These are some of the most common plants seen in boho interiors

Pick up a large woven natural plant basket to fill empty corners of the room and suspend smaller plants from the wall or ceiling. Having long foliage that drapes down by your bed creates a bohemian visual that looks excellent and intriguing. For smaller singular plants, shelving units, bedside tables, and windowsills are the ideal home for them.


If you’re a big fan of greenery and want to go full boho, try filling a long floating shelf with pots of trailing plants. This looks incredible and will help your wellbeing as you settle down for the evening making you calm and peaceful. If your bedroom struggles to get much natural light, then opt for some silver satin, cast iron plants, or bromeliad. Alternatively, if you don’t have much time or energy to maintain the health of your foliage, faux plants are a perfectly acceptable option, giving you a beautiful boho aesthetic with no expiry.


Here, I have merely touched the surface of what a successful boho bedroom should look like, but instead outlined the key areas that you should be focusing on. You should keep in mind that there aren’t any strict rules, and you shouldn’t fear going down an unconventional path when styling your space. Just like when designing any room, each person has their own quirks and preferences that you should bring into your bedroom. After all, the aim of a bohemian bedroom is for it to be cosy and serene, and that won’t be achieved if you don’t include pieces that mean something to you. Supply your own character whilst taking inspiration from others. This will ensure you have a relaxing room that you adore coming home to regardless of your day and get you set up perfectly for the next one.