Fun & Functional Bedroom Ideas for Women

By Sam Iontton08/01/2023

Bedrooms in general are an important part of our livelihood, most women tend to take it lovingly to the next level of chic. Many of us dream of our own dressing room, catwalk, and that’s before we get to what we sleep on. It’s true, it can be difficult fitting it all in whilst making it look perfect too. You may find yourself constantly moving bits about or decorating certain aspects over and over just for things to look out of place and unnatural. These bedroom ideas for women will help you have a room that you can relax in, looks great, and has a ton of functional elements. We’ll be looking at how you can embrace your femininity and express that throughout your room as well as making it a versatile, useful space.



Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Well, technically it can be leant against the wall as well fixed, but the mirror is a big part of the room and can be incredibly helpful when it comes to getting ready. Choosing a tall, thin mirror can be a good option for looking at clothes, whether you’re going out or planning outfits, it can help you decide what you think looks best. Having a mirror as part of your wardrobe is a good idea, allowing you to quickly look at your outfit and subsequently change it if you wanted to. Having a large mirror doesn’t mean you can’t add a smaller one within the room as well. Mirrors give the room a bigger feel and make it better lit at certain time of the day. When looking for a smaller mirror that you can attach onto a wall, go for one with an interesting border, potentially rattan, that matches the rest of the room.

Vanity Table

A vanity table, otherwise known as a makeup desk or dressing table, is a crucial element. Keeping it tidy, organised, and the perfect place to get yourself ready is an absolute must. The size of the dressing table you need is reliant on the amount of space you have and how much you’re going to use it. There are options nowadays to have a mirror built into the unit with a light border that allows you to see yourself and what you’re doing regardless of the time of day. The drawer is a key part of the table, able to hold a lot of small make up items, with a desk organiser incredibly useful when you want to keep everything neat and together. As this will be an important part of your room it is important that it matches with the rest of the space and doesn’t look out of place. You want to have your most used items on the desk for convenience, with a make up organiser perfect for keeping everything together. A jewellery stand is an ideal place for you to store accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, and earrings, being a useful place for them to be stored as well as adding to the beauty of the unit. Having a safe place to put hair tools such as straighteners, curlers and any other appliances that can get hot is essential in making sure you aren’t causing a fire risk when getting ready. Another element that requires heavy consideration is the type of seating that you have complimenting your table. You want to consider the height of the seat, appearance, and comfort, with stools a popular choice. If you can, match it up with your vanity table then great, but if not choose one that doesn’t look out of place and still works with the rest of the room. Finding a dressing table that ticks all your boxes shouldn’t be too difficult, but if you are struggling to do so, for the more creative why not upholster it yourself.

Vanity Table

Bedside Table

An incredibly useful part of any room, bedside tables provide an excellent space for your night-time and morning items, making going to sleep and getting up much easier. With the ability to put everything you use in the evening down on a table right next to you, that also holds items that you will require first thing in the morning gives you a convenient and useful space. A glass of water, your book, a table lamp, and an alarm clock all belong on your bedside table, being easily accessible and right next to where you sleep. If you have a partner or want to create a symmetrical appearance, placing the same table either side of your bed is an excellent way of doing this. The lamp that you decide for is essential as you want one with soft hues that get you in the mood for bed, whilst being bright enough that you can read your book or other literature in complete comfort

Opt for an Ottoman

Whilst often thought of as seating and storage option for the living room, ottomans are a much more versatile option that can be perfect for a bedroom scenario. Picking up a classic ottoman bench works wonderfully at the end of a bed, providing a healthy amount of room to store items as well as provide an extra spot to relax on. If you don’t have the space or don’t fancy the idea of an ottoman in your bedroom, why not pick up an ottoman bed. These types of beds are perfect if you are short on room space and have an abundance of storage. The mattress easily lifts and stays in place, giving you a heap of storage potential that is unnoticeably tucked out the way. Ideal for storing your shoe or handbag collection. Place your heels, sandals, and boots underneath your bed and you’ll have your very own shoe wardrobe that takes up no extra space. You can of course store a host of other items inside but just make sure your goods aren’t noticeable when you later lay down to rest.

Lighting you Love

The lighting in your home plays a massive role of the overall feel and mood of a room, becoming extremely prevalent in bedrooms. You want to have at least two different light fixtures in your room that have contrasting purposes and connotations. For example, you want a brighter fixture for when you’re getting ready or looking for something, whereas softer hues are perfect for relaxing and unwinding. Your main light would likely be a pendant or chandelier and should be of a white or cream colour. The other lighting is where you can get a lot more creative and make it personal to your style and preferences. Firstly, figure out whether you will be using the lighting for a purpose such as reading or is it just there for the background and to fashion a feeling. Colour-changing LED strips are a modern option that is vibrant and bring your room to life. One of the biggest advantages of using this is the fact that you can instantly alter the colour of the lights to match the mood you’re trying to devise. Want a more classic option, then fairy or string lights will never not be a beautiful option. There are a vast selection of lengths and designs to choose from, allowing you to pick an option that works best for you and your room. Draping these over your bed headboard is a wonderful way of styling and illuminating your room. Pick up string lights that are battery operated to give yourself ultimate creative freedom when it comes to where you place them.


When it comes our bedroom, it can be tricky finding the balance between having a space that is practical and we also love the appearance of. Whilst we may have quite a long list of desires for our rooms, making sure it is pragmatic and looks organised is essential. The last thing you want is to be ransacking your drawer for your most loved lipstick when it could’ve been placed in a tidy organiser. Be sure to include a range of elements that represents your personality and things you love, from ornaments to artwork. This makes your space unique with a specific style that is relaxing and brings you joy. With plenty to consider, go and have a thorough look at your bedroom, thinking about what can make it look better and become a more useful environment for you.