Get To Grips with Japandi Style

By Sam Iontton04/11/2022

What is Japandi Style?

What is Japandi Style?

Rising in popularity over recent years, Japandi has become a timeless way of styling your home. Blending the Japanese and Scandinavian styles beautifully, with each one having a keen focus on comfort, simplicity, and natural elements. Heavily influenced by the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi that celebrates the passage of time with prettiness through imperfection. Combine this with the Scandinavian ideology of hygge which promotes comfort, wellbeing, and cosiness. Natural materials and neutral colours fill Japandi rooms, with the focus on fashioning a melodious space. The Japandi style is one that beautifully combines simplicity and nature with a common love for minimalism, bringing the best elements from two different parts of the world.



Japandi Style in your Home


You should focus on choosing neutral colours for your walls with vibrant patterns not a common occurrence for this style of home. Walls that reflect daylight through space is something that you should strive for, giving your room an open, contemporary feel. Including wall hangings, mirrors, and artwork can transform the overall feeling that the room gives you, making it feel cosy without being overbearing. If you want to present framed prints on your wall, then go for neutral coloured, simple designs that intriguing shapes and have an almost imperfect appearance. Choosing shelving for your walls is a great idea if your room suits it, filing it with draping plants, neutral-coloured ornaments, or ceramic vases.

Japanese interior wall styling

Clean Lines

A massive part of the Japandi style, including clean lines in your home puts simplicity in the spotlight. Humans have a need for simplicity and the minimalistic aesthetic that comes with the Japandi style is great for this. From furniture to decorations, a Japandi space should be one that is easy on the eye and calming to look at. Implementing complex and flamboyant items will take away from what you’re trying to achieve. Pick up a Japandi style open wardrobe to have a calming, open place to store your clothes.

Japandi open wardrobe


The furniture in a Japandi space should be one that is minimalistic and made to last, with an inherent focus on creating a calm environment. Furniture that is low to the ground is a wonderful way of making your room free-flowing and creates a laid-back ambience. Add textured throws and toned cushions to your sofa or bed to maintain the peaceful and cosy vibe. It’s so important to use natural materials all over your house but specifically with furniture as it takes up a large part of a room. The most common material that is used in Japandi furniture is wood, providing a feeling of nature in your home, with bamboo, paper, and rattan also being widely used in Japandi spaces. An excellent way of bringing the tones of Japandi into your home without spending excessive money, upcycling unused furniture is an excellent option. Some good paint options to decorate your items with includes gris, white cliff, and corfu white. Ensuring all your furniture has natural colouring is essential, forming a cohesive habitat that brings a gorgeous element of the outdoors.

Japandi style furniture


The textures that you choose to include within your home play a massive role in your mood and how much you enjoy spending time in your home. Japandi aims to include warmth and intrigue via the use of different fabric and textures. Include throws, tableware, and lighting fixtures made from these materials and potentially have Japanese style patterns on for an interior that you will adore. Indulgent textures will assist in giving you a hygge feeling that is ideal for feeling cosy and unwinding in. Rugs are a key component of any comfy living space, with large options that are made from natural materials and feature toned down patterns fitting the Japandi style perfectly.

Japandi textures


Not many things emit a Japandi feeling more than having wooden flooring. It doesn’t even matter what tone you opt for as both like and dark shades of wood are perfectly suitable. Laying your floorboards in a herringbone pattern is a brilliant way of adding visual interest into your home. Getting a rug or sofa to match your flooring is vital, with a cream tone working excellently with darker brown.

Japandi Flooring


The best lighting you can have in within a Japandi home is natural light with help circulating throughout the room via the colours you use. Each space is different it the design of the room might not allow for a substantial amount of light to enter. Having mirrors that are strategically placed can give you the illusion of a brighter, more open room. Including other reflective surfaces such as polished wood, glass coffee tables, and vases can have a similar effect. Using soft lighting to complement any natural light via floor lamps or ceiling lights is a wonderfully calming way of illuminating your home. It is important to remember to include natural materials such as brass, bamboo, and rattan with your lights to compliment it and carry the relaxing aesthetic through.

Japandi lighting


As mentioned previously, the use of natural materials in a vital part of the Japandi look. However, it isn’t just the visual nature of these items that people are so drawn towards. There is an aim towards encouraging people to use materials that isn’t harsh on the environment and easy to recycle. This is in an aim to better the health of the planet and ensure it is a place where future generations can live a fulfilled life. If you decide to pick up a piece of fast fashion that’s on sale, it might be convenient but completely goes against what Japandi stands for. Instead, focusing on that can be recycled and are high quality is so important, with the ideology that it will last longer and can be passed down to their offspring or other family members.

Why Choose Japandi?

If you are constantly stressed out and often put the blame on your job or hectic lifestyle, it might be worth looking a little closer to home. The place you wake up in every morning and come home to everyday should be a place of harmonious solitude that relaxes you and makes you a happier individual. This isn’t the case for many however, as clutter, uninspiring designs and bulky, uncomfortable furniture takes over what could be a beautiful space. Choosing to implement Japandi style in your home is a terrific way of having serene comfort wherever you go, unwinding as soon as you step foot in the door. Providing a sense of tranquillity and comfort, Japandi gives your home an airy, light feel that will instantly chill you out and switch you off from whatever external stresses you might be facing. When building your Japandi home, it is important to focus on keeping this simple and maintaining a respect for nature and quality craftsmanship. Don’t overdo things and ensure all clutter is neatly tidied away. Japandi interiors are a great way of relaxing your mind, getting in touch with nature, and becoming a happier, more well-rounded individual. After all, Japandi is more of a lifestyle and philosophy rather than a trend or physical design, so if you’re going to change your home in this way, your mindset and way of living may need to join.