How To Brighten Up Your Narrow, Dark Hallway

By Sam Iontton17/02/2023


Is your narrow hallway got a bit of a gloomy feel and needs lighting up a bit? Being the first sight of your interior, the hallway can really set the tone for the rest of your home and either make people fall in love with your style or look towards the door as soon as they step in. Brightening up your space isn’t just about adding light fixtures, but it also means that you should incorporate your personality, adding intrigue and excitement to a once dull area. If you’re looking for narrow, dark hallway ideas and how to make it feel more welcoming and bright, then you’re in the right place.




Possibly the most obvious solution if you’re looking to brighten up your hallway, incorporating a light fixture might sound straightforward but it definitely deserves extra consideration. If you’re fully committed to bringing light into your hallway and have the budget for it, then creating an internal window or skylight will shine natural light elegantly into this space. Sometime this isn’t possible due to the style of your building and even if you do, you’ll need artificial light for the night-time. An overhead light is required with flush mount or semi-flush mount ceiling lights being the best options. This is because they won’t obstruct anyone and will provide adequate illumination for the entire space. Position this fixture at the centre of you ceiling in your hallway to ensure the light is evenly spread. An alternative option to this would be using LED strips which are ideal if you’re looking to make more of a statement, working particularly well in contemporary homes.

These can be incorporated on the walls or ceiling and allow you to be more creative when it comes to the design. Your main lighting can be accompanied by a floor or table lamp for added illumination and style. Whilst a floor lamp can be placed on the floor, you should ensure you have enough room to walk past. A table lamp can sit on a narrow console table or sideboard, just make sure the style works with the rest of the room. Having a second, softer light in your hallway allows you to affect the mood of the space depending on the situation.


An excellent and affordable way of making your hallway feel more spacious is by adding a mirror or two. Mirrors are brilliant at making a small area feel bigger and is often used when space isn’t as at a luxury. This is due to it almost acting as a window to the space you’re in, creating the illusion that there’s more to the room than there actually is. It also brightens up the space as the mirror reflects any light around the room, giving it a more upbeat, open feel. This is ideal when you’ve only got one or two light sources and want a brighter, more capacious area. The last benefit to having a mirror in your hallway is that it allows you and your guests to check their appearance when entering or leaving the home which can be very helpful. It is generally best to position a mirror on the longest wall of your hallway as this would create visual depth most effectively.

If you have a window, then you should place the mirror on the opposite side to ensure the natural light gets efficiently reflected. Situate it at an appropriate height that doesn’t require bending or stretching to see themselves. It is also important to consider the appearance and material of your mirror, ensuring it works well with the rest of the hallway. Whilst you can choose a mirror as a statement piece, you don’t want it to be appear overbearing or out of place.

Console Table

You might think that having a console table in a narrow hallway is a stress inducing headache waiting to happen but in reality, it can be a game changer. This is thanks to the plethora of options available that includes slim designs that are ideal for narrow rooms. You should firstly measure the width of your hallway from wall to wall so you can get an idea of what size table you need . Once you’ve figured this out, you should focus on the visual design and get one that works with your space and complements the rooms aesthetic. White, silver, and gold framed console tables with glass shelving is ideal for contrasting the dark space to give you an eye-catching, bright piece. It is a good idea to select a console table that has a tabletop surface, allowing you to present ornaments, flowers, a lamp, or whatever you think works best.

Console Table

Doing this provides your hallway with added personality and interest, adding a great deal of value and charm to the space. Glass is a material commonly used for a tabletop console table and is a wonderful idea for a narrow hallway as, just like mirrors, it can reflect light and give you a brighter hallway.

Boast Personality

Employing some character in your hallway is a terrific way of bringing life and unique style to the entrance of your home. This will immediately show your guests what you’re about and what you like, helping them feel instantly at ease. Incorporating your personality in your hallway can include adding personal touches such as sentimental photographs, artwork, decor items, and even the colour of the wall. Choose elements that reflect your interests and specific style to give your space a more inviting, homely feel that you’ll love seeing every time you enter or leave your home.

Boast Personality


A wonderful way of bringing some colour and excitement to your hallway is through a rug or runner. The first thing to focus on is the size, and if you do have a narrow space, a runner will likely be the best option for you. If you choose a runner that is too small then it will look out of proportion with the rest of the space, however, if it’s too big then it makes the hallway feel even narrower. Opt for a lightly coloured runner as it will open up your space and make the room feel larger but ensure it still fits in with the rest of your hallway somewhat to prevent it from being overbearing. Another option is to choose a runner with a bold pattern that can create an illusion of depth and width. The pattern direction can be parallel with the hallway to give an illusion that there is more space. the final thing to remember when bringing a rug or runner into your hallway is that it is well anchored in place to prevent any tripping hazards.


The hallway is an area of the home that should be given a great deal of consideration as it is passed through every time someone arrives or departs from the home. If you don’t have the widest hallway and there isn’t much natural light able to reach the space, looking for way to brighten it up is vital in ensuring you have a warming space that sets the precedence for the rest of the home. This doesn’t mean you need to add lighting sporadically or paint the walls neon orange, but instead find clever, subtle ways that will make the room that bit lighter. Ensuring it somewhat fits in with the rest of the home and isn’t just an individually designed room that looks out of place. By following these tip as well as using your own ingenuity and eye for design, you can have a hallway that’s beaming with life a personal style.