Kitchen Cupboard Storage to Streamline Your Life

By Sam Iontton05/01/2023

Kitchen Cupboard Storage to Streamline Your Life

Your kitchen, if it isn’t the most used room in your house, it’s certainly your most productive. Plenty of cooking and cleaning is performed in this area of the home so getting everything organised is vital in making it a productive and fun space to be in. You should have goods in sensible places relating to your other items and dependant on how often you use them. Obviously, some items have specific storage needs and that you can’t avoid but making sure there is some type of structure in place is key in making your kitchen life less stressful. The first step to sorting your kitchen storage is having a thorough clear out, deciding what you want and what can be thrown away being an essential part of helping you organise. It might be helpful to clear everything out of your cupboards as a way of seeing what times you have and how much storage is at your disposal. Of course, you must work with the space you’ve got, but you can make that space work better with a bit of clever thinking and taking inspiration from our cupboard storage ideas.

Clever Corner Cupboards

A common problem for many kitchens is the corner cupboards they can be hard to access and awkward when looking trying to store items deep. With a little bit of ingenuity and help from the internet or professionals, you can have the entire cupboard on show once you swing open the door. This is done by attaching the rear storage to a runner that, when the door is opened, you are presented with two racks of goods. Installing an intelligent corner system allows you to view and get to your entire storage easily, making full use of your space. This is an ideal place for larger items such as pots and pans to be kept put the way until they’re required Another easy yet smart way of dealing with tricky corner cupboards is by installing a 270-degree carousel device that can be rotated to make accessibility to items straightforward. Often seen with multiple levels of storage, you can fit a fair number of items on these units, with the three-quarter design meaning it can fit perfectly around a corner. Whilst corner cupboards can be a nightmare, they can also be a space saving lifesaver if done right.

This Will Get You Hooked

Hooks are such a useful way of storing a host of items that can not only free up cupboard space but live inside them as well. Mugs, pots, pans, utensils, and aprons are all brilliant items to hang up, freeing up a large amount of space and being easy to grab when you need them. It’s up to you what you want to have out on show in your kitchen and what you’d prefer to have concealed in a cupboard but having a combination of both is an ideal option. Having hooks in your cupboard allows you to use the entirety of the space inside without it being a hassle getting goods right at the bottom. Another way you can hang items up is by implementing a rail or bar which would be perfect for tea towels and oven gloves.

This Will Get You Hooked

Make Use of the Door

A door is often seen as merely an entrance to greater things and nothing more. However, you could be missing out on a whole bunch of potential storage if you ignore its possibilities. If you have enough space between the back of the door and inside items when closed, then there are a few ways you can utilise the space. Installing shelving on the back of your door provides the perfect place for items that might not get used very often such as herbs, spices, oils, and many more. It is important, as this area will be moving regularly, that the shelving has barriers at appropriate heights for the items stored to prevent them falling out. Wire or fabric baskets or units that can be hung over the door are a great solution for creating a healthy amount of storage. You can also face these type baskets out if they are holding commonly used items but that has the potential to look untidy and walked into.

Think Under the Sink

The inconvenient sink bottom and pipes can make this area a tricky place to store items, but done right, it can be an incredibly useful home for certain goods. The most common thing you’ll see under a sink is cleaning products as that’s where you’re most likely going to need them. You don’t just want to bundle everything in, despite the potentially awkward space, as it will look untidy and become more difficult to find specific items. Instead, you can add individual shelving systems that are the right size for your space, which you could potentially stack on top of each other. The ideal material for this type of shelving is either wired metal or plastic with wood not being suitable due to the potential water damage. Another way of having your cleaning equipment together and secure under the sink is by using baskets that are open at the top so you can clearly see and pick up what you need.

Undersink storage

You’ll Love a Liner

We don’t mean bin liner but instead cabinet liners. If you haven’t heard of them before, they are quite simply attractive lining for shelves, drawers, doors, and walls that protects your cabinets from moisture. Adding a slightly padded liner will soften the noise that a cabinet makes when closing. You want to choose a design that both, you love, and works with the rest of the room, with textured designs available if you’d prefer. The surface of the shelf or drawer will determine what material of liner you will need with wire shelves requiring sturdy plastic liners and adhesive or foam liners working best for wooden shelves.

kitchen cupboard liner

Pick Pull Out Drawers

Most homes will already have these included for areas such as cutlery but implementing them throughout your kitchen will allow you to make full use of your cupboard space and it will be easier to select items. A great option for larger items such as pots and pans, having these on show can be an eyesore whilst tricky to get if deep into a cabinet. Being able to pull the draw or cupboard out allows this process to become a whole lot smoother. If you have a kitchen island, try to incorporate pull out draws that go into it, further maximising your storage space. Much like when you’re organising any cupboard, it is a logical idea to sort items together where you can, placing goods that you’ll use more frequently towards the front.

Pull Out Drawers


Organising your kitchen cupboards, whilst it may seem like a daunting task, is one that can be fun and will allow you cook and clean efficiently. Safety is also something you should keep in the forefront of your mind especially if you have pets or children. Getting a good balance between the function and aesthetic nature of your kitchen cupboards is crucial in forming a kitchen you love and get the most out of. You should think about what items work best for each cabinet. For example, large pans and baking trays would work better for deep cupboards, whereas mugs and spices are best on shallow shelves in a place that can be easily got to. Don’t be afraid to include decorative elements in your kitchen such as plants or artwork, as it will make the space look nicer and give it a touch of personality. However, it is important not to overdo this as it could make your kitchen appear cluttered and they can become a hindrance. Try to be creative, looking for new and unique ways of storing your kitchen items, keeping in mind that they must be accessible, memorable, and in line with other storage in your kitchen.