Modern Navy Kitchen Ideas

By Sam Iontton17/03/2023

An excellent colour scheme when it comes to the kitchen, navy blue is a classic and sophisticated shade that can work brilliantly in any modern home. Darker shades no longer make the kitchen feel dull and gloomy, as using it cleverly can give your space real drama. An extremely versatile colour that combines with a number of colours and works in both contemporary and traditional kitchens. A timeless style that’s right on-trend, navy can balance out bright colours and bold patterns without overpowering the space making it ideal for those who want their kitchen to make a statement but also provide a classic feel. These modern navy kitchen ideas can really transform your space, giving you a glamorous, refined aesthetic.

Navy Blue Psychology

Navy blue is a popular design for interior design and fashion largely due to its association with reliability, calmness, and confidence. Used for military equipment and uniforms, it has clear connotations of stability and trustworthiness. Despite it being considered a “conservative” colour, this doesn’t mean it can’t be used in a creative, modern way with many designers applying it to add depth and elegance. Ideal for spaces where you’ll spend a lot of time in, this can give you a sense of confidence and authority, which is why you see many offices decorated in this colour scheme. Too much navy blue can leave you with a cold and unemotional space so you will want to balance this with other tones to help make it more welcoming.

What to Pair With Navy Blue


White or cream works beautifully with a navy colour scheme, helping your kitchen feel bright and spacious. A superb way of giving you kitchen a clean and modern look, this combination works excellently, whether that’s through the countertops, appliances, or walls. Putting the two most popular kitchen cabinet colours together within your kitchen space is sure to give you a beautiful, desirable space. Including gold accents within this style of kitchen is a great way of supplying luxury to your space.

Navy and White

Light Grey

An excellent way of creating a calming atmosphere, light grey and navy blue combine to give you a beautiful space that you can effectively cook in. A functional and stylish option for your home, light grey and navy blue will give you a soothing and relaxing space that you’ll enjoy spending time in daily. A more inviting and quirky colour scheme in comparison to white, light grey adds a softer appearance that you’ll love to rest in. Being a simple colour, you can pair it with navy blue to form a seamless, beautiful kitchen space.

Navy & Light Grey

Copper or Brass

The red and yellow tones in copper and brass simultaneously supplement and contrast the navy-blue shade. This can be as simple and subtle as handles on cabinets, the tap, or lighting fixtures. Doing this works excellently for both traditional and contemporary homes, providing you with a spectacular striking kitchen. Ideal if you want an element of drama in your space, this works wonderfully to give you a glamorous, interesting area of your home that you and your guests will love.

Splash of Colour

Adding bright accent colours such as yellow and orange is a stunning, modern way of bringing some excitement and warmth to your kitchen. This can be done in a variety of ways whether it be through wallpaper, a backsplash, a rug, or something a bit more subtle like a fruit bowl. This can really make your space stand out, contrasting the cool and warm hues excellently and giving you a vibrant yet calm room that is impressive and playful.

Splash of Colour


A classic white tile or vinyl floor will provide a crisp, clean contrast with navy blue cabinets, giving your space a bright, airy feel. Ideal for a contemporary-style kitchen, there are multiple ways this can be done. Of course, you can opt for a plain white or cream floor but adding a pattern to it will give your kitchen more intrigue and with a plethora of designs out there, you won’t be short of options. Alternatively, choosing natural flooring with warm undertones such as oak and maple can complement navy blue without competing with it. If you are choosing this option, it’s best to stick to patterns within the way they are laid out instead of on top as this would look out of place and untidy.

Flooring in a navy kitchen


For a classic look, choosing a pendant light that hangs from the ceiling above your work surfaces will work brilliantly. There is a vast selection of options to choose from with multiple colours that will complement a navy colour scheme. You can use it as a way of adding an accent colour or matching it with other aspects of your kitchen such as countertops depending on your preference. Pendants are such a popular choice for the kitchen as they look excellent, provide wonderful illumination, whilst not taking up any floor or workspace. If you want the ultimate modern aesthetic, then opt for LED strips that run around your walls and cabinets. Often, this lighting comes with a remote that allows you to alter the brightness or colour of your light with is perfect if you want to alter the mood.

Navy Kitchen Lighting


Incorporating mixed materials into a navy-blue kitchen is a great way to add depth and interest to the space. For instance, a navy-blue kitchen with a wood countertop can add warmth and texture to your kitchen, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Wood also pairs well with navy blue because it provides a natural contrast to the dark blue colour. Other mixed material combinations to consider include a marble countertop or a brick backsplash. The key is to find materials that complement each other and create a cohesive design. Incorporating a range of materials into a navy-blue kitchen can add depth, texture, and functionality to the space, creating a stylish and modern look.



Whilst you want to make this a functional space that looks good, it is important in include elements that represent your personality. What you like and enjoy looking at should be an important focus when you’re designing your kitchen and not doing this can give you an uninspiring, boring room. Whether this is through furniture, artwork, or patterns, there are plenty of ways you can create interest and show off your creative side. Whether you’re a minimalist who just wants a couple of pieces that show off your favourite colour and design or want to make more of a statement by using tiles and walls in a particular style, it’s completely up to you. Making your kitchen a unique space is an excellent way of exhibiting who you are and what you love in the hope that you’ll be proud of it also and enjoy spending large amounts of time in.



Navy blue is a timeless and sophisticated colour that can work brilliantly in any modern home kitchen. When used cleverly, navy blue can give a kitchen space real drama without making it feel dull or gloomy. White, light grey, copper or brass, and bright accent colours work beautifully with navy blue, each giving your kitchen a clean, calm, and inviting atmosphere. Mixed materials such as wood, marble, and brick can add depth, texture, and functionality to the space, creating a stylish and contemporary look. It is important to include elements that represent your personality in your kitchen design to make it a space you enjoy being in every day.