Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples That You'll Both Love

By Sam Iontton15/09/2022

Romantic Bedroom Ideas for Couples That You'll Both Love

When you’re at work all day or out doing activities, you want a room that you and your partner can come home to and enjoy together. Finding the balance between both parties isn’t always that easy. Even if you can agree on what to eat, what movie to put on, or even what side of the bed you both want to sleep on; decorating a bedroom together is a long-term decision that should be thoroughly thought out. By no means are we a relationship counsellor, but it’s best to be honest with each other about what you like and don’t to avoid potential arguments in the future. However, you should be prepared to compromise as you aren’t going love every idea that each other has. Decorating your room in a romantic way as a couple should be a fun experience that brings you closer together and gives you a bedroom you enjoy spending time together in. These romantic bedroom ideas are sure to help you create a space that you both love and can relax in.

Start from Scratch

Even if it’s not the case, treating decorating your room as if you have a blank canvas to work with is a fabulous way to start, especially when there’s two of you working on it. Every couple will have their own ways of doing it. You can create mood boards, dos and don’ts, and even sketch an ideal room. This can be done separately or together depending on your preference, but it could be fun and interesting to see what each other thinks when given creative freedom. This gives you an excellent idea of what each other prefers when it comes to bedroom design, combining your two minds.

Choose a Colour Scheme

Setting the tone for the room, focusing on a particular colour scheme is a superb place to begin when decorating a room. If you want to play it safe, opting for a white or grey bedroom is the safe route to go down, allowing you to effortlessly blend your stylistic preferences onto a neutral background. However, choosing a specific colour can add real character and interest to your place of solitude, making it feel more like your own creation. Commonly connected with love and passion, reds and pinks are a good way to go if you’re striving for a romantic feel, with deep ruby red and raspberry pink both being excellent choices. Rich colours such as burgundy and purple also work well, with glowing oranges, deep blues, earthy browns and teal all perfectly acceptable options. Finding a colour scheme that works for both of you shouldn’t be too difficult as there are so many options out there, it might just take a bit of experimenting to find that perfect shade.

Find the Right Art

When deciding what art should fill your bedroom, you should both have a big say on it. Whether it’s a photo of somewhere you’ve both visited, or a piece that you’ve picked out together, it is essential that you both enjoy looking at it every day. If you can’t decide on one image to take up the space above your headboard, creating a gallery wall together is a cute and attractive idea. The prints you choose to display in your bedroom says a lot about you as a couple, adding visual intrigue to your space. Ensuring you match your art with the design of the rest of the room may sound obvious, but it is critical in forming a cohesive and balanced space.

Boast a Beautiful Bed

For many, the most important aspect of any bedroom is the bed itself. It certainly plays a big role in how comfortable you are and to have a romantic space it massively helps if you are both cosy and relaxed. If you fancy pushing the boat out, a four-poster bed provides luxurious style and can be elegantly decorated with the canopy in your colour palette. Four-poster beds are the finest choice of romantic style bed, taking inspiration from 18th century Parisian homes. If that isn’t your thing, consider choosing a bed that helps reduce the amount of clutter with under-bed storage, making not only your room, but whole home a tidier place. Choosing a bed with a statement headboard is a wonderful way of creating a focal point in the room and giving your space added romantic sophistication.

A Look at your Lights

The mood of your bedroom is largely controlled by what lighting you have and where you place it. Implementing different types of lighting at varied levels allows you change the mood depending on the situation. For example, if you’re getting ready for work, you will want a bright light to wake you up and help you see your belongings, whereas if you’re settling down for the evening, you should have warm, cosy lighting that relaxes you. To fashion a romantic space through lighting, there are some key areas to focus on. Having lamps on your bedside tables on a dark hue gives you are calming environment that will help you drift off to sleep in no time. Being able to control how bright or dim your lights are quickly and easily is a nice, convenient touch. Don’t be afraid to add some colourful bulbs to your bedroom, whether that’s a lamp, LED strip, or any other sort of lighting. If you go for a dash of colour, picking up ones that comes with a remote, allowing you to alter the colour within a moment or change automatically is an excellent idea that is incredibly affordable. Having a LED strip above your bed that you can alter to a red or dark blue during the evening gives your bedroom a lovely, picturesque element.

Key Questions

What colours are the most romantic for a bedroom?

When creating a romantic space for couples, darker shades work very well, giving you a cosy and warming feeling. Reds and pinks have long carried connotations of love and lust so would both be wonderful options. You can add this to your wall, bedding, bedside tables, or anywhere you see fit. Whilst it doesn’t have to be the most prominent colour in your room, it should be noticeable, inciting feelings of warm intimacy in both of you as you settle down. The most romantic colours for a bedroom are the ones that make you feel most comfortable and at ease in your surrounding so personalise it to your preferences and what makes you feel snug inside.

How to decorate a room as a couple?

Now, this isn’t always straightforward or quick, and does differ from couple to couple. However, the term that will help you work together effectively is compromising. It’s obvious that you will disagree and see certain things differently but working as a team to build a space that you both love equally requires you both to trade-off different aspects. It’s helpful to take a step back a view it from your partners perspective. Say they really want a certain style of duvet or a particular lamp that you don’t have as strong feelings about, then give them that and push for something that you are passionate about. It’s all about communication, teamwork, and reasonable debate to give you a bedroom that you both love being in.


Decorating your bedroom with your partner is something that should be enjoyable and not strenuous. Of course, designing any room can come with a certain level of stress, but working on it in a light-hearted manner will turn it from less like a chore and more of a hobby. Creating an ideal romantic bedroom requires equal input from both parties, personalising it to what appeals to you and your collective taste. There is a lot of freedom when it comes to decorating a bedroom, so have fun with it, be creative, and, most importantly, you both love it.