Tips for a Gorgeous Sage Green Bedroom

By Sam Iontton21/10/2022

Currently right on-trend and emerging in many bedrooms, sage is a tone that doesn’t fall out of fashion. There’s no shortage of sage green bedroom ideas, being an extremely popular colour for that area of the home. A shade of green that’s as close to neutral as any other actual colour. Implementing this colour into your bedroom helps to give you a space that is relaxing and great to unwind in. Able to be paired with a range of other colours or interior styles and is a versatile colour that can be used in a host of spaces. An earthy hue, adding sage green into your bedroom is perfect for forming a cosy and timeless feel. How you add it to your room is entirely up to you, whether you cover your wall in it, or just want you’re a pop of this colour on your shelf or bed. Just like most colours, completely covering your room in sage green will lead it to look overwhelming and one dimensional, so pairing it with other colours is crucial in achieving the mood you desire.



The Psychology Behind It

Scientific research shows that certain colours impact on our mood and the way we feel, meaning the way you style your home is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Of course, you want to choose a colour scheme that you like, also evaluating the psychological impact that it could have on you is something that should be researched. As it’s green, sage is linked with connotations of harmony, nature, and tranquillity. The actual shade is representative of intelligence, wisdom, and experience. Also providing peace and growth sage is a superb choice to include in your home, evoking images of nature. Sage is associated with new beginnings and progress, with green always links to rebirth. This means that if you’re going through change or need a fresh start, sage green is the colour to go for. An incredibly easy and pleasant colour to wake up to everyday, you can be confident that you will arise in a calming way as well as get to sleep.

The psychology behind sage green

How To Combine Sage Green with Other Colour Palettes?

It’s up to you and impacted by the rest of your room as to what will work best when including sage green. It’s a shade that isn’t too difficult to include in your bedroom. Many see it as a way of immersing themselves in nature when used in a home, the subdued style gives more interest to a space compared to a conventional neutral. Being a neutral colour however, it can be matched with most colour palettes, acting a fantastic base for bright and rich colours. What you pair it with is entirely down to you and how you want the room to feel. Purple and gold are colours that are enhanced by the calming sage green, giving you a bold and vibrant space. Peach tones: terracotta, and blush pink are ideal if you want to fashion a warm, Mediterranean aesthetic. On the other hand, grey and cream gives you a real vintage feel. Including earthy colours such as browns and dark reds will you’re a rustic sage green bedroom that anyone would be envious of. Whether you opt for flamboyant or muted colours, matching it with sage green will restore energy and bring a calming ambience that is contrasting from most people’s busy lives.



In the Home

Integrate Plants

Coming in various shades of green, plants are a fantastic pairing with a sage green colour scheme and offer you a celestial element of nature. With plants proven to help your wellbeing, they are an incredible addition to any bedroom. If you want a taste of the sage green look without painting your walls or investing in new furniture, picking up a few plants will do the trick. Arrowhead vines live best in low light, with Chinese evergreens much the same. Alternatively, you could go for sage itself, but finding sage green coloured foliage won’t be difficult, with a vast array of options out there.

Make The Bed the Focal Point

Picking up an actual sage green bed is an idea that looks incredible and provides a sense of calm, especially prevalent when paired with a white or cream duvet. If you already have a good quality bed that you have no plans of replacing, think about on top of it and how you can implement this fabulous shade. The bottom sheet, duvet, blanket, and cushions can all sit on the bed and provide the sage green serenity that you’ll want to fall into when bedtime comes around. There is a lot of creative freedom when it comes to styling your bed, with cushions, blankets, and duvets available in various forms that allows you to experiment. Try differently coloured cushions to see if they work with your sage duvet or consider if your green blanket work with the rest of the bed.

Splash Your Walls with Colour

This is one of the easiest ways to bring a bold splash of sage green into your bedroom. You can paint just one wall this colour or give your whole room this gorgeous aesthetic. If you don’t fancy getting down and dirty with paint, there are a plethora of wallpaper designs that have sage green at the forefront. Wallpaper doesn’t have to be heavily patterned to make a statement and bring your room to life. Some of the simplest designs can give your bedroom visual texture that provides interest and character. If you did want to add a more vibrant design, floral and branch patterns work excellently with the sage green, forming a delightful space that has a feeling of the outdoors. If you decide to have a sage green covered wall, including white and minimalist artwork to it is draws the attention and creates a focal point.

Creating The Mood

There is a plethora of accessories to consider when submerging the sage green shade from ornaments to artwork to curtains. Adding in vase or a decorative tray is an inexpensive way to incorporate the colourway. Frames are another pretty obvious accessory - why not choose a gold, black or even white frame with a complimenting sage green calming print. Giving you a similar benefit to what painting your walls would offer, having sage green curtains will provide you with a calming tone that works with the rest of the room. When selecting what sort of material, you want for your curtains, you should aim to get a medium-grade fabric that lets a little light through without being too transparent. Either choosing a light pattern or without one at all is a fabulous way of maintaining a calming vibe within your bedroom.

creating a mood with sage green

Upgrade Your Furniture

The perfect way to give your bedroom a sage green calmness without going overboard, a piece of furniture could be ideal for you. Whether it’s a delightful side table, chest of drawers, or a luxurious velvet chair, having a separate fixture that is sage green, gives a particular part of the room a unique, nature inspired feel. This is especially great if you aren’t completely sold on the sage green look and want a subtle, uncommitted test for it, then pick up a dresser and pouffe and see how you get along. If you have your walls painted in sage green, applying that to your lamp or pendant is a fabulous way of having a cohesive space that not only looks brilliant but will improve your mood and make your more relaxed.


Major paint brands have selected specific shades of sage green as their colour of the year for 2022. Sherwin-Williams, Valspar, and Benjamin Moore have all named sage green as the standout colour this year and you can see why. Giving your bedroom a soothing atmosphere, sage green helps put us in a calm and meditative state, ideal for you place of rest. Each person’s preferences and bedrooms differ greatly, so take your time to work out where you want to add splashes of colour. if you’re uncertain about including sage green in your bedroom, start off small with ornaments, vases, or greenery, and work up from there. The amount of sage green you choose to adopt in your home is entirely up to you but don’t be afraid to go big and bold with it. It’s a pacifying colour that can be used a sizeable amount, providing the ideal starting point for you to build your bedroom design around.