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Bathroom Towels

Made from 100% cotton, our bathroom towels are both stylish and elegantly soft, giving you a relaxing feeling every time you use it. Ideal for use on delicate parts of the body, such as the face, these bath towels hug your body as you dry off. Extremely absorbent and durable, our Turkish towels dry you off quickly and allow you to get on with your day. We have different sizes, ranging from hand towels to bath sheets. With colour options that bring a touch of class and suit any bathroom interior, choose a style with your design preferences in mind. You can get a coordinated towel set or mix and match depending on your personal style.

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Bathroom Towels

Bathroom Towels

Our bathroom towels are brilliant for their softness, absorbency, and durability, ensuring you can dry yourself quickly and comfortably. Made from natural fibres, they provide a gentle touch against the skin and efficiently soak up moisture after a bath or shower. With their versatility and ability to retain their quality over time, cotton towels are a trusted staple in many households.

Our bathroom towels provide comfort and a quick drying option for your hands or body. Whilst being efficient when looking to dry yourself, the towel itself also dries quickly, allowing you to use it again in a short amount of time. Every home, and more specifically the bathroom, requires towels of some sort, so why not get the softest and most durable available.

We stock bath sheets and towels that are perfect for drying with once you’ve been in the shower or bath and provides ultimate comfortability. We also have hand towel options, with all items made from Turkish cotton to ensure softness and durability. With sage green, dusk grey, white, silver, and stone options all available, you can choose the most suitable for your space and personal style.

Each bathroom should have at least one of a bath sheet or towel per person as well as a hand towel to ensure everyone in your household can effectively dry yourself. You should take a look at the design of your bathroom and choose towels that match this in order to give yourself an attractive bathroom space.

Our selection of bathroom towels are all made from 100% Turkish cotton which means they are sumptuously soft to touch and can absorb water effectively. They also have a 200 thread-count as well as a huggable 500 GSM ensuring they will be long-lasting and delightful on the skin, whether that’s your hands, face or body.

Buy bathroom towels online today and it will arrive with speedy and reliable delivery. To contact our excellent team, you can email them at help@theurbanmill.co.uk, and return enquiries can be handled when you click here.

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