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Contemporary Umbrella Stands

When coming indoors from wet weather, having a dedicated space that can hold your umbrella is incredibly useful. All our hallway umbrella stands have a drip tray which is ideal for protecting your floors and reducing slip hazards. If you use an umbrella, then a contemporary umbrella stand is a must-have, drying it off quickly so it’s ready for your next venture to the rainy outdoors. For alternative options, check out our modern hallway furniture and freestanding coat racks.

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Umbrella Stands

Our hallway umbrella stands are designed to be customised for all umbrellas, so that your umbrellas will look cosy around the rest of your home. Our inexpensive umbrella stands are suitable for hallways, entryways, and any other area in your home.

If entering your home after a rainy day, secure your umbrella inside our stands to keep the air around them circulated, to help speed up the drying process, and are perfect to place alongside the rest of your hallway furniture.

Our modern metal umbrella stands are selling fast, so order one today to get fast delivery. Keep up to date with our team by emailing them at help@theurbanmill.co.uk, and visit our returns and enquiries page for more information.

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